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Limbaugh Blasts McConnell Over ‘Excessive Expectations’ Comments: ‘Where’s the Leadership?’

Radio host Rush Limbaugh joined his fellow conservatives in raking Mitch McConnell over the coals for his recent comments about how President Donald Trump had “excessive expectations” about how Congress works.

Ever since the Senate Majority Leader delivered those remarks in a speech in Kentucky, he’s drawn fire from Trump, the president’s online supporters, and a good portion of the pundits at Fox News. When he brought up the subject on his Wednesday show, Limbaugh made it clear he was not impressed after how many years the GOP promised to eliminate the Affordable Care Act once they regained enough power in the federal government.

“I mean, it didn’t take long after each victory for another excuse to be launched.

‘Well, we need the Senate.’

Gave you the Senate.

‘Weeeeell, we don’t have the White House.’

Gave you the White House.

Now it’s, ‘We don’t have 60 votes in the Senate.’

It’s nothing to do with artificial timelines or the president not being in this line of work.

Limbaugh continued to rip McConnell for not doing enough to reach out to Republican senators like Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins who voted against the latest ACA repeal push. Limbaugh went on to wonder if the Congressional GOP has any intention of repealing the bill or helping Trump’s agenda at all.

“Where’s the leadership effort to go to them and do what you can to get ’em on team, get ’em on board,” Limbaugh asked. “Or do you just sit there, ‘Well, Collins, she’s never going to vote for it. No way.’ Why have leadership?”

Listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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