Limbaugh Denies He ‘Turned On’ Trump After Criticizing His Attack on Cruz

Rush Limbaugh (1)Rush Limbaugh today criticized Donald Trump for his attacks on Ted Cruz, but upon being informed the media thinks he turned on Cruz, Limbaugh insisted he did no such thing.

In case you missed it, after Trump called Cruz a “maniac” yesterday who can’t get anything done in Congress, Limbaugh today criticized him for echoing the establishment. He said, “Any of you who are holding out hope that Trump is a genuine conservative… a genuine conservative would not go after Cruz this way.”

Well, during his show, Limbaugh founds out the media already picked up his criticism. He clarified, “I haven’t turned on anybody. I haven’t thrown anybody away. I haven’t announced support for anybody.”

He insisted he was just disappointed and asking a question about Trump’s attack on Cruz “because it sounded like the same kind of criticism we would get from the establishment Republicans.”

Limbaugh did muse over whether Trump would turn on him next, but figured it wouldn’t happen.

For what it’s worth, Limbaugh wasn’t nearly as restrained in his criticism as Mark Levin was later in the day.

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