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McDonald’s Ad in France Targets Gay Audience

McDonald’s has started a television advertising campaigning geared toward welcoming gays into their restaurants. A new ad released in France features a young gay man eating at McDonald’s with his father, who is unaware that his son is gay. The teenage boy is shown looking at a photo of his lover, while his father later states, “It’s a shame you’re in an all boys college. You would have had all the girls chasing you.”

The campaign’s slogan is, “Come as you are.” According to the Daily Mail, McDonald’s said the ad was “intended to show that it welcomed people from all walks of life.”

Though the ad is airing in France, there is also a YouTube version with English subtitles that has been viewed “220,000 times in countries including Britain and the U.S.”

While it’s nice to see such a large franchise evoke the message of being inclusive, it is somewhat underscored by the ad’s limited release–only in France. But understandably, the company may be experimenting to see reactions before similar campaigns in other (perhaps somewhat riskier) countries.

Watch the ad with subtitles below:

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