Michael Cohen Fears Trump’s Heated Rhetoric is Putting His Family in Danger

Michael Cohen is afraid that President Trump‘s rhetoric could endanger his family before his public testimony before Congress next month.

Cohen will appear before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform next month, during which, he is likely to testify about his involvement in Trump’s hush money schemes to suppress his affairs with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. Cohen is also expected to face questions about why he lied to Congress about the timeline for the Trump Organization’s effort to build a Trump Tower building in Moscow.

Sources close to Cohen have told ABC that he has reservations about speaking to lawmakers as planned on February 7.

As the president continues to engage in what Cohen sees as reckless and unsubstantiated claims he believes are intended to intimidate him, Cohen has expressed to friends his concern that Trump’s heated rhetoric on television and Twitter could incite an unstable person to target him or his family.

Cohen has become so worried that he is now questioning whether a public hearing is in his best interest, sources said, and people close to him have advised him to reconsider.

This hesitation comes after Trump blasted his former lawyer during an interview with Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro. The president distanced himself from his former lawyer while claiming, without evidence, that Cohen should rat on his father-in-law for some unknown criminal inquiry.

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