Michael Wolff Lashes Out at the Media in New Piece Defending Fire & Fury

Well, he’s back.

Michael Wolff, author of Fire & Fury, has a new column out today lashing out at the media for its coverage of the Trump presidency and standing by his book.

Wolff, of course, famously defended his book by saying ‘if it rings true, it is true,” and more recently he admitted “I’m barely a journalist.”

But in The Hollywood Reporter today, Wolff has a lot of criticisms for the political press’ Trump coverage:

In Washington, a small number of news organizations (ever fewer as the media constricts), each competing with the other but all, lemming-like, mindful of the parameters of the game set by one another, dominate the form and sensibility of political coverage. While we see this as “journalism” — often with the criticism that it’s weighted to liberal journalism — we might as much see it as another kind of bureaucracy, weighted to protecting its own interests.

As for his own work, Wolff brags that his tome was “resonant with readers but was held in suspicious regard by various members of the Washington media.”

He continues to defend his actions in the course of reporting from the Trump White House, and calls out a few people in particular:

One recent evening, I heard CNN’s Jake Tapper taking aim at my perceived deviations from journalistic form, saying that if the Trump White House was not going to uphold standards, then “we” had to. Who, I wondered, was “we”? That is, what did I have in common, other than the subject of Trump, with Jake Tapper? Tapper is a television news personality who works for a top-down organization ever self-conscious about its complex agendas. I’m a writer who works entirely on my own…

Fox News has embraced absurdity because it recognizes this is probably its last act. It would be difficult to imagine anything MSNBC’s Joe and Mika — once loopy Trump supporters, now his loopy assassins — would not do to grab a Trump headline and live another Trump day. CNN’s Jeff Zucker will, if AT&T prevails in its merger bid or if another opportunity appears, gratefully be out of Dodge when Trump comes tumbling down. Indeed, be mindful of a coming media subtext not to kill the president off too quickly: He’s crazy, but don’t underestimate him!

Regarding Tapper in particular, the CNN anchor cautioned viewers at one point that Fire & Fury “should be met with skepticism” because of all the “errors and rumors” contained within.

And then, of course, there was Wolff’s trainwreck of a Morning Joe segment.

Wolff writes today “very few people in the Washington journalism bureaucracy are good writers” and the reason they didn’t like his book was because “my telling of the Trump story upended the daily drip-drip of Trump news by making the Trump White House seem truer and realer than the drip-drip makes it seem.”

He delights in how “batshit crazy” the media went over his “juicy tale.”

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