Morning Joe Mocks Trump for Re-Tweeting Drudge Report After London Terror Attack

As the gang at Morning Joe broke for commercial at the end of their second hour, co-host Mika Brzezinski offered up a fun quiz for for her panelists and the viewing public.

“As we go to break, a pop quiz for you. Get ready. Get your pencils out,” she said:

The capital city of your closest ally is attacked. Do you do this:

A. Retweet Drudge before being briefed?

B. Use the attack to lobby the Supreme Court to overturn lower court rulings that said your travel ban is unconstitutional.

C. Openly attack the mayor of the city under assault and quote him out of context.

D. Go Golfing for the 22nd time in your 19-week tenure.

E. All of the above

In the immediate aftermath of the most recent terrorism in London, Trump took heat from many corners of the media for his decision to retweet, the reclusive conservative guru. NBC took particular exception at the time.

The whole routine prompted chuckles from the MJ panel.

“This is like the Jeff Foxworthy bit,’ You might be the president'” offered Commentary’s Noah Rothman.

“Is there an F?” asked the New York Times’ Nicholas Confessore.

Mika brought it home.

“If you answered E, congratulations, you’re the President of the United States and you’re watching Morning Joe.” — You see what she did there? Joe did.

“Yes you are. Hi Mr. President,” he said.

Watch above.

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