Morning Joe Speechless After Trump ‘Poor Person’ Remarks: ‘Something a Little Twisted About That’

Last night during a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, President Donald Trump made some curious remarks about poor people — specifically, that, while he loved them, he didn’t really want them serving in positions of economic management. He also said the rich were generally better and more trustworthy to do the job anyway.

After playing the clip, the gang at Morning Joe was about as speechless as you can be on television,

“That could have been 2015” said a muted Willie Geist. “That could have been two summers ago. Donald Trump in his element. Soaking up the crowd. Talking about how rich his buddies are.”

“2017. Blessed are the poor,” said Elise Jordan in disbelief.

Soon to be Daily Beaster, Sam Stein couldn’t help chuckling at the insanity of our current reality.

“That’s amazing,” he said. “Any other person in politics who would say something like that would have their career crushed. Donald Trump’s just going to skate by it.”

The camera then panned to Mika Brzezinski doing one of her famous bemused, scrunched faces.

“Oh my God,” the show’s resident curmudgeon Mike Barnicle muttered off-camera

“Are you speechless?” Stein asked Brzezinski.

“I am,” she said.

“There’s just something a little bit twisted about that,” said Jordan slowly, “That’s twisted in a way that’s hard to dissect.”

Mika closed out the group therapy bemoaning the failure of national Democrats to make a dent in Trump’s coalition.

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