MoveOn Releases Anti-Romney Ad Speaking On Behalf Of Dressage Horse

Rafalca, the dressage horse owned by Ann Romney, made her debut at the London Olympics this week, and once again, the Romney family horse has been used in an anti-Romney attack ad, this time from, and from the perspective of Rafalca herself. The horse proudly boasts about how much money the Romneys spend on her, and says when Mitt Romney “repeals healthcare and ships your job overseas, I daresay your life will not be nearly as pampered as mine.”

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MoveOn put out a statement today following the ad’s release, making the case that using Rafalca in a political ad is not out-of-bounds.

“In our ad, voters hear the truth about Mitt Romney straight from the horse’s mouth: Romney seems to think many Americans deserve to be treated worse than a horse. There’s nothing wrong with taking good care of a horse, but there’s something messed up about a millionaire who spends twice what most Americans make in a year caring for a horse, but wants to take away people’s healthcare and offshore their jobs. We’re rooting for Rafalca and all of our Olympians to bring home the gold, but we’re sure not rooting for Mitt Romney to send jobs overseas. Voters had best steer clear of Romney unless they’re looking for a ride on a one-trick trickle down pony.”

Watch the ad below:

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