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New Campaign Ad Shows Congressional Candidate Towing A Monster Truck…For America!

Joel Demos is a Republican running for Congress in Minnesota. He is running against Keith Ellison. He is a good man. He cares about our country. He also frequently forgets to fill up the gas tank in the giant monster truck he tools around in. At least that’s what I’m getting out of his new campaign ad. Maybe I’m misinterpreting it.

Oh, wait! I get it! The monster truck is a metaphor! Duh. I totally should have taken more film theory classes in school. Okay, but it’s a metaphor for what? Hmmmmm… Maybe it’s his father. Or society. Or Jesus! Or…Oh! It’s probably America! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

America is the monster truck. It’s strong, flashy, and can easily drive over lesser countries. The giant tires obviously represent states’ rights. However, something’s gone wrong. The socialist agenda of President Obama and his liberal cronies like Ellison have shut our country down. We need to help men like Demos bring our truck-country forward to the finish line. Demos will get us back on the right track, a track where we as a nation will all presumably do battle against the evils of Truckasaurus.

So support Joel Demos in his sisyphean quest to tow our nation. And also in his slightly less epic quest to dry clean that nice, blue shirt.

(via Wonkette)

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