New York Times Boosts Bernie Sanders With Misleading Polling Headline

New York Times dropped a report Sunday about early polling data for the 2020 election, and it features an incredibly generous description of the polling difference between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

The Times story looks at how the former vice president, the Vermont senator and Texas’ Beto O’Rourke are the top three contenders in a poll of Iowa Democratic caucus voters. The poll reflects questions among the Democrats about whether they should oppose Trump with a pragmatic politician who has name recognition, or if they should take a chance on unknowns who might arouse passions around the country.

In any event, Biden led the poll as the first choice for 32% of caucus voters, Sanders received 19%, and O’Rourke got 11% of support.

That’s a big lead for Biden. The Times headline? “Iowa Poll Gives Biden an Edge Over Sanders.” Describing 13 points as an edge is certainly interesting. One might wonder if the paper is underestimating Biden’s lead among a crowded field. The online version of the article went with a different headline, but here’s the print version in Monday’s paper:

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