Police Search Computer, Papers And Phone Found Near Rebekah Brooks’ Home

Police are investigating the contents of a bag found in a garbage bin near former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks‘ Chelsea Harbour home. The bag, containing a computer, paperwork and a phone, was found in a shopping center’s underground parking garage this afternoon. Shortly after the bag was handed in to security (If you see something, say something!), Brooks’ husband, former racehorse trainer Charlie Brooks, attempted to claim it, but was unable to prove it belonged to him. The security officer then called police, who arrived with forensics experts to pick up the bag.

Brooks insists that the bag and its contents belong to him, and not to his wife. His spokesperson explains that a friend simply returned Brooks’ things to the wrong parking garage, where, perhaps, a janitor mistook it for garbage.

Rebekah Brooks was arrested this weekend for her suspected involvement in News of the World‘s phone hacking scandal.

h/t The Guardian

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