Rachel Maddow: Nationwide Islamophobia Incidents Tied To NYC Mosque Opponents?

Following this month’s furor over the proposed Lower Manhattan mosque there have been a rash of seemingly anti-Islam incidents across the country: alleged arson at a Tennessee mosque, a plan to burn Korans on Sept 11 (“I guess all the other dates were taken”), the cabbie stabbing in New York City, and protests against planned mosques in California, Georgia, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

Rachel Maddow points out that it is impossible to “necessarily tie them together as specific disturbing incidents” even though it may look like a pattern. However, Maddow speculates that “maybe the tie between them is the opponents, who claim to be against the Park51 center near the World Trade Center site solely as a matter of real estate. Location, location, location. Maybe the thing that ties them altogether is them.”

Because, Maddow wants to know, if the opposition to Park51 is all about it’s proximity to Ground Zero, how come these same opponents have spoken out against all the other incidents? “Are Temecula and Fresno just too darn close to Ground Zero?”

Watch below.

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