Rep. Matt Gaetz Repeats Cohen Threat on House Floor: ‘Does He Lie to His Own Family?’


Rep. Matt Gaetz is doubling down on apparent threats he made towards Michael Cohen via Twitter earlier on Tuesday afternoon, only this time he is doing the same from the House floor.

The Republican representative and close ally to President Donald Trump raised bipartisan eyebrows earlier in the day when he tweeted the following, which many saw as possible witness tampering:

Amidst a relative firestorm of hot takes and slack-jawed reactions, Gaetz took the dais on the US Congress floor and opened with “I guess tomorrow, we will find out tomorrow if there is anyone Michael Cohen hasn’t lied to.”

He then listed all the examples of Cohen’s previous prevarications, saying “we already know he’s lied to Congress, we already know he’s lied to law enforcement, lied to the IRS, he lied to three banks…he’s going to prison for his lies!”

Gaetz continued, ostensibly taking a shot at Cohen’s father in law, who President Trump has also attacked, “so I guess it will be relevant for us to determine, like, does he lie to his own family, does he lie to his financier, does he lie to financiers who are members of his family? It will be one heck of an inquiry for us, because this is someone who has tangled such a web of lies that he is not to be believed.”

Gaetz wrapped up with “And I think it is entirely appropriate for any member of this body to challenge the truthfulness and veracity and character for people who have a history of lying and have a future that undoubtedly contains nothing but lies. That is the story of Michael Cohen and I for one can’t wait to get to the bottom of things and can’t wait to get to the truth.”

Watch above via CSPAN.

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