Roger Stone Reveals the Only Reason Donald Trump Ever Loses His Temper

President-elect Donald Trump may be known for many things; but unlike other billionaires who have been in the spotlight for decades, the man who will soon be our 45th President is not known for having much of an angry streak.

Sure, he may have his fair share of controversies, but no one can deny that he largely kept a cool head in times of presumed crisis. Joe Piscopo of AM 970 THE ANSWER mentioned this fact to one of his guests Wednesday morning: longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone.

Stone, who admitted that has had known the President-elect for forty years, agreed that Trump is generally tough to shake. “You’ve told me — he doesn’t get rattled,” asked Piscopo, the SNL-castmember turned radio show host. “He doesn’t seem to get rattled, Roger.”

“Yeah he really is quite unflappable,” said Stone in his response. “He’s got a great, almost Reagan-like equilibrium. He takes things in stride, thinks about them, and acts.”

Stone continued to Piscopo, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him lose his temper. Except for — except for doing so purposefully for effect on a rare occasion.” Stone admitted that there may be a bit of showmanship behind any display of Trumpian aggression.

Trump? A showman? Never. Listen above via AM 970 THE ANSWER.

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