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Rubio: I’m Not Interested in Being a Part of Trump’s ‘Freak Show’

PicMonkey-Collage-RubioMarco Rubio is Donald Trump‘s latest sparring opponent among the GOP presidential candidates, having recently responded to Trump’s criticisms by say he is “touchy,” “insecure” and “not well informed on the issues.”

Today, Rubio said in an interview with NPR that Trump has turned the election into a “freak show” and he won’t be having it.

“I’m not interested in the back and forth, to be a member or a part of his freak show,” Rubio said. “I would just say this: He is a very sensitive person, he doesn’t like to be criticized, he responds to criticism very poorly.”

Rubio also thought that Trump is still feeling rattled from the stories on his crowds, being out-shined at the GOP debate by Carly Fiorina and others, as well as the lukewarm reception he received when he attacked Rubio at the Values Voter Summit.

“This election is not going to be about Donald Trump. He thinks it is, but it’s not,” Rubio said. “Every time issues become prominent, he will say something outrageous or do something outrageous so that he doesn’t have to talk about the issues.”

You can listen to Rubio’s interview in the audio above, via NPR:

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