See The TSA-Mocking PETA Ads That Have Been Banned From Airports Nationwide

PETA adIf you’re reading this, chances are you made it to your Thanksgiving destination safe and sound—despite any delays caused by body-scanner-related confusion. Even so, there’s still a mountain of controversy surrounding the TSA’s new security screening procedures—and now PETA, the animal rights organization that never shies away from controversy, has entered the fray with a group of new ads that make light of body scanners and pat downs.

The Boston Herald writes that one of these ads, a video featuring Pamela Anderson as a sexy TSA agent removing leather and fur from travelers, has been banned at Logan Airport. “It doesn’t sound like an appropriate ad for the airport environment,” says Massport spokesman Matt Brelis.

PETA’s also trying to launch a body scan-mocking ad campaign featuring still photographs. One shows a scan of a woman wearing only a bra that’s emblazoned with the words “Be Proud.” Elsewhere, the true message of the ad is visible: “Be Proud of Your Body Scan: Go Vegan.” The Associated Press writes that airports in Las Vegas, Charlotte, N.C. and New York City have all refused to display these ads.

The full Anderson ad, though, is available to watch online; if PETA gets its way, it may also play at some less-discerning airport this holiday season. Watch the whole crotch-grabbing extravaganza for yourself below.

[h/t Newser]

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