Stuck At Newark: Take A Sad Song, And Make It Better

As if air travel didn’t suck enough this past week, today passengers at an entire terminal at Newark International Airport were in lockdown because some idiot walked backward through a security exit and into the terminal. Incoming planes were stuck on the tarmac for hours, outbound flights were stalled, and everyone who had already passed through security already was brought back out to be re-screened. Oh, and they can’t find the dude, and don’t even know which side of security he came from. Oy.

But — things that suck mightily can always be made better through song, and that is just what musician Josh Wilson demonstrated….when he led the entire crowd around him in the terminal in a rendition of “Hey, Jude.” He posted the result on his YouTube page, and you can’t help but smile at a crowd of strangers making the goofy, good-natured best of a bad situation. Watch below:

Someone sign this kid! He’s awesome! He’s like the Fraulein Maria of Newark Airport! Cory Booker, you’ve just had your Cutest Newark Moment of the Week crown snatched from your head. Sorry. It’s not personal.

Update: Oh look, Newark has been reopened. They never found the guy. Great.

Update to the Update: Oh nooooo, AHN is reporting that they think they know who the guy is, and he’s Canadian. Great.

Photo above courtesy of David Carr’s Twitter feed, which just became even more useful.

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