Tens of Thousands Tweet #StandWithTuckerCarlson Hashtag — Including 11 Whole Blue Checks


A hashtag supporting Fox News host Tucker Carlson was a major trending topic on Twitter overnight, but although tens of thousands tweeted “#StandWithTuckerCarlson”, only eleven people with verified Twitter accounts did so.

On Friday night into Saturday morning, more than 46,000 tweets were posted using the hashtag, making it one of the top trending topics. But Twitter users with verified accounts were considerably more cool to the trend. Only eleven of them participated, including several Fox News personalities and two people who were not actually so supportive of Carlson.

In order, they were Fox News and Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, who kicked things off by writing “Everyone must #StandWithTuckerCarlson thank you Tucker for #truth pls keep going.”

Next was Breitbart’s Chris Tomlinson, who wrote “#StandWithTuckerCarlson or kneel to the mob.”

Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz was concise, writing “We should #StandWithTuckerCarlson.”

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett wrote “In a democracy, opinions freely expressed should neither be feared nor silenced. #StandWithTuckerCarlson.”

“Former journo turned marketing pro” Lesa L. Jones told her 927 followers “I #StandWithTuckerCarlson!” while re-posting a tweet from Fox News host Greg Gutfeld.

Former ballplayer-turned-radio host Joe Pagliarulo was more voluble, and also smelled a rat, writing “I’ve interviewed @TuckerCarlson and have watched him for some time. He always makes sure what he says is fact and backs it up over and over,” but then added “p.s. it’s the top trend but not suggested by @Twitter. Go figure!”

Sports Illustrated contributor Paul Banks chimed in, but only to call the trend “the dumbest and most racist hashtag ever.”

There were two positive ones, but kind of from the same source: the founder of ACT for America, and Act for America.

There was this guy:

And as of this writing, the final verified entry is from a former Yahoo Tech editor named Dan Tynan, who subverted the intent of the hashtag by writing “#StandWithTuckerCarlson Ideally in front of a high speed train.”

The impetus for the rally appears to be a combination of reporting on advertisers for his show, and reporting on backlash to comments Carlson made on his show about Black Lives Matter protests:

This may be a lot of things, this moment we are living through, but it is definitely not about black lives. Remember that when they come for you. And at this rate, they will. Anyone who has ever been subjected to the rage of the mob knows the feeling. It’s like being swarmed by hornets. You cannot think clearly. And the temptation is to panic. But you can’t panic. You’ve got to keep your head and tell the truth. If you show weakness of any kind, they will crush you.

Watch the segment above via Fox News.

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