That Time Joe Scarborough Laughed at Donald Trump Mocking a Disabled NY Times Reporter

In the run up to the 2016 General Election, then candidate Donald Trump had a remarkably cozy relationship with Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinki. But following Trump’s vulgar and sexist tweet attacking Brzezinki, this morning Joe and Mika took to the airwaves and condemned the president’s undignified behavior that was “beneath the office.”

“He’s not the same guy he was two years ago” Scarborough explained to viewers, which some have seen as a craven way to distance themselves from the enabling and friendly manner in which Morning Joe treated Mr. Trump in 2015 and 2016,

An oft-cited example of President Trump’s vulgar and insensitive attacks on the media is a clip in which he mocked NY Times reporter Serge Kovaleski in a manner similar to the reporter’s disability. While Trump has defended himself by saying he had no idea about the writer’s particular affliction, that defense has fallen mostly on deaf ears.

So when that incident happened, how did Mr. Scarborough react to Trump’s mocking of said reporter? Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC, and see for yourself.

SPOILER: he wasn’t upset by Trump’s insensitive manner.

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