‘That’s Deflection!’: CNN’s Costello Pushes Back on Rep. Darrell Issa Over Travel Ban

This morning on CNN, Carol Costello spoke to California’s Representative Darrell Issa, a Republican of Lebanese descent, about Donald Trump‘s travel ban on immigrants and refugees from seven Muslim majority countries.

Issa defended the move, even as Costello asked why he, as a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, wasn’t consulted, but Steve Bannon reportedly was. When he said that he was less concerned about Bannon’s involvement than he was about Trump not having a Secretary of State yet because of Senate hesitancy, Costello said, “That’s deflection! He has a Defense Secretary and he has a Homeland Security Secretary.”

They continued that way and Issa said, “I would rather deal with what the President’s doing and make adjustments than to have a President who does nothing.”

Costello pushed back, asking if it was “okay” that protests were staged across the country, federal agents were unsure what to do, and American businesses suffered as a result of the executive order.

“Carol, you’re delivering opinion,” Issa said.

She replied, “I’m not. This is what happened.”

Watch above to see the whole thing.

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