The 14 Most Important Media Reporters in America

Several years ago, we posted a list of the most important media reporters. A lot has changed since then, and so we’ve decided to update that list for where we stand in 2015.

As we know all too well here at Mediaite, a media entity reporting on the media can be a tricky business. Reporters and media executives despise being judged by others (though they will readily judge others), and a lot of the business has become polarized in various echo chambers of sorts.

And so finding a handful of media reporters and analysts whose stories are interesting, unique, and have the potential to wield influence and strike fear in the heart of media members is not an easy thing to do.

Many of these writers are the competition to our own excellent media reporting, but we want to commend these 14 people for doing the job in a truly important way, and as good as anyone else (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER):

[imageviewer id=2421]

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