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The New York Times Maps Out Thanksgiving Recipes By Region

nyt-food-mapThis is just cool: the New York Times has mapped out web searches for 50 Thanksgiving recipes by state. Using data from, they’ve discovered, among other things, that “sweet potato casserole” was by far the most popular search, that “yams” are a more common search in the west than in the east, and that Northeasterners don’t look for Thanksgiving recipes online much:

A few caveats: as Serious Eats points out, if something isn’t highly searched in an area, it could be because they aren’t making it, or simply because they already know how to make it and don’t need to go online for a recipe. Also, at the lower end, the number of queries involved isn’t terribly robust (what’s 19 searches per 10,000 versus 27, especially when one is colored sickly yellow and the other appears as a deep purple?).

Even if the meaning of the numbers is a little unclear, it’s a fascinating resource, and it’s fun to go through it and wonder or debate what exactly the numbers mean. Take the New York Times‘ northeastern turf, for example, where almost all recipes except for apple pie get fewer searches than the national average: are Yankees lazy restaurant diners, or master chefs who don’t need online recipes?

What’s Cooking on Thanksgiving [NYT]

(via Serious Eats)

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