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The Racist Ads Purportedly Made by Fred Trump? Fake

Everyone has been passing around the video you see above, which appears to be an ad for a supposed mayoral run by none other than Fred Trump, aka Donald Trump‘s dad. Seriously, everyone, even Washington Post‘s Glenn Kessler, shared the overtly racist clip called “The Dope Man” and its equally-shocking counterpart called “Real New Yorkers.”

The problem, as you can see from his tweet there, is that the videos are not real.

Per WaPo, the footage used in the faked ads is from an anti-drug PSA, “A Day in the Death of Donny B.,” that ran in health classes during the 1970s. You can watch the full 15-minute spot here.

The source behind the clips appears to be a video shop called Historical Paroxysm, which specializing in using old footage to create “found footage from alternate realities.” They’ve even removed the clips from their sites.

There certainly are things from Fred Trump’s past that raise eyebrows. He was arrested at a KKK rally and was accused of racially discriminating against potential tenants. This set of “ads” was not one of those eyebrow-raising things.

Let this be a lesson: Don’t believe everything you read or see until you can verify it, lest you inadvertently discredit the real stories.

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