‘The Russians Had Real Leverage’: Sally Yates Explains Why Michael Flynn Had To Go

On Tuesday, CNN teased what promises to be an intriguing interview with former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. Yates famously warned the Trump administration that Gen. Michael Flynn had been compromised by the Russians 18 days before Flynn was finally fired as National Security Adviser.

“Was the underlying conduct illegal? Was illegality involved?” asked Anderson Cooper.

“There was certainly a criminal statute that was implicated by his conduct,” Yates replied.

That careful answer seems to have set the tone for Yates, a public official known for choosing her comments on the Michael Flynn scandal very carefully.

Yates also again denied claims originally emanating from President Trump’s Twitter timeline that she had leaked or ordered the leaking of classified information to the Washington Post.

“I think that this was a serious compromise situation,” said Yates of Flynn’s Russia connections. “The Russians had real leverage. He also had lied to the Vice-President of the United States.”

Indeed, rather then swiftly fire Flynn, Yates herself was ultimately axed for failing to enforce the administration’s travel ban Executive Order. As Yates told Cooper, she was then forced to watch the Flynn saga unfold from media accounts as a private citizen.

“Doesn’t seem like that’s a person who should be sitting in the National Security Advisor position,” said Yates.

The full interview is tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST — and Mediaite will be watching closely.

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