The TSA Is On Instagram, Posting Photos Of Confiscated Items

Guess who’s getting onto the taking-photos-then-applying-a-sepia-filter-like-you’re-Annie-freaking-Liebovitz bandwagon? The Transportation Security Administration. The TSA got on the Instagram bandwagon last week, and @TSABlogTeam has been sharing all sorts of cool photos about what people have tried to sneak through security, including guns, cigarettes, guns, fireworks, guns, knives, and guns.

The TSA’s Instagram account has already gotten over 20,000 followers just by showing photos of the stuff they don’t let you bring in the airport.

Here’s perhaps the most disturbing photo they’ve shared so far:


As I may have mentioned earlier, the TSA has also collected a LOT of guns, as well as a carton of Marllboro cigarettes and a few knives. So now all we have to do is wait for some crazy person to sneak something really dangerous through security just so they can be really popular on Instagram.

Then again, at least they’re not sharing Vines of agents finding the weapons hidden in secret luggage compartments.

Here are some other photos of what the TSA would like you they confiscated.


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