This Exists: Baby “Panda Cow” Born In Colorado (Cute, Creepy Or Ridiculous?)

Seriously, what is wrong with people? Instead of finding a way to power our cars without oil, we’ve got people figuring out how to breed miniature cows that look like panda bears. Nifty! Or, is it supposed to be cute?

Well, that’s pretty much how news types from the TODAY Show on NBC to KABC-TV in Los Angeles are playing the story of the New Year’s Eve-born “panda cow” in Colorado.

The calf, named Ben, is thought to be one of fewer than 25 in the world. According to the folks who bred the “panda cow,” the objective here isn’t to solve any of the world’s problems but just to make a little coin–an estimated selling price of $30,000:

“The plan is to sell him, and yes we hope there’s a big demand,” said Ben’s owner, Chris Jessen. “There’s not a huge demand for pet cows, but I think it’s growing in popularity.”

Fantastic. Best of luck to you. So, before the commenters beat me to it, how do they taste?

Watch the story here, from KABC:

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