Toby Keith’s Fans Outraged over ‘No Guns’ Sign Outside Country Star’s New Bar & Grill

Toby Keith shocked many of his fans this week with a sign outside his new I Love this Bar and Grill in Virginia that reads “No guns allowed!” Virginia law allows people to carry guns into restaurants, but individual establishments reserve the right to make the call for themselves, and Keith’s is bothering quite a few people.

Keith is personally a big supporter of carrying firearms, and that’s what’s troubling fans so much. People have been going to the restaurant’s Facebook page and posting their disappointment/outrage at the decision.

FOX 5 spoke to people at the restaurant and found absolutely no one who was bothered by the “no guns” rule.

Watch FOX 5’s report on the controversy below:

[h/t Breitbart]

[photo via Keith Hinkle]

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