Trump Claims He’s ‘Not Looking to Attack Anybody,’ Wants to Avoid Negative Ads

trumpDespite being most notorious on the campaign trail for his attacks on others, Donald Trump told reporters today he doesn’t want to be doing attack ads.

Trump spoke in Nashville today and, following his remarks, told CNN, “I just want to talk about my accomplishments. I’m not looking to attack anybody. I would rather have positive TV ads. Absolutely.”

Besides, he added, what does he need TV ads for when he’s already on TV all the time?

And while that is true, Trump has––somewhat obviously, if you’ve paid even the slightest attention to him––engaged in plenty of attacks on people. From his Republican opponents to people in the press he just doesn’t like, Trump doesn’t exactly shy away from attacks on people.

In fact, just last night Trump got a little personal in going after Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, who he implied was sharing classified secrets with her husband, “perv” Anthony Weiner.

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