Trump Floats Government Shutdown to Stop Planned Parenthood

PicMonkey Collage - Hewitt  TrumpDuring his interview on The Hugh Hewitt Show, Donald Trump was asked to give his thoughts on the Senate’s vote on Monday to defund Planned Parenthood. Trump began by denouncing the controversial videos as “disgusting,” but after Hewitt asked him whether shutting down the government was the only way to get past a filibuster to the defining movement, Trump said he would support that.

Trump elaborated by pointing to Ted Cruz‘s 2013 movement to shut down the government in order to halt the Affordable Care Act.

“If the Republicans stuck together, you could’ve done it with Obamacare also, but the Republicans decided not to,” Trump told The Hugh Hewitt Show. He continued to deride Republicans by saying that they would have won more political battles if they had doubled down on the issues in a manner similar to Cruz.

The billionaire real estate mogul concluded by saying that, in terms of whether it was time to re-explore that option, “I think you have to in this case also.”

Planned Parenthood has been fending off waves of controversy in wake of the ongoing release of videos showing officials engaging in question-raising discussions and medical practices. A fifth video was released earlier today.

Anti-abortion senators tried to pass a measure on Monday that would have defunded Parenthood, but they failed to receive enough votes.

Listen to the segment below:

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