Trump Source Reportedly Says Cohen Crisis Left Him ‘Untethered’ Post-Hope Hicks: ‘Never Seen Him Like This’

President Donald Trump‘s Tweets Tuesday morning — following Monday’s FBI raid on his lawyer, Michael Cohen — were a bit different than his usual dispatches. Seldom does the president confine his Tweets to one line.

Could these shorter bursts of outrage provide a window into Trump’s thinking?

According to Axios, a source close to the president described Trump as being “untethered” following the Cohen raid. And that source says a key White House departure was sorely missed on Monday night.

“This is the first crisis post-Hope Hicks,” the unnamed source told Axios. The source added, “This was different: I’ve never seen him like this before.”

The source told Axios that this behavior is the tip of the iceberg.

“This is the president you’re going to see more of from here on out: unvarnished, untethered,” the source said.

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