Tucker Carlson Dukes it Out With Ex-Obama Advisor Over Uranium One: ‘This is a Huge Deal’


On Thursday night, Tucker Carlson got in a heated exchange with former State Department official and Obama advisor David Tafuri over the Obama-era Uranium One Deal that was made with Russia.

Tafuri thought it was a “bad policy decision” at the time, but the circumstances with Russia are “much more extreme” today than they were back in 2010.

“You know exactly where it is going, to places that are dangerous to the United States, and that’s because the Obama Administration with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State allowed this to happen,” Carlson said.  “Why isn’t that considered shameful?”

Tafuri claimed Carlson was “overstating” the situation, claiming that uranium doesn’t leave the U.S. without having an export license.

“They have no export license!” Carlson said. “That’s the whole point of this story!”

Carlson then turned his focus on Secretary Clinton and former President Barack Obama.

“This is a huge deal that threatens our national security, but nobody seems to care because it’s Obama and Clinton,” Carlson said. “Let’s be real.”

Tafuri defended the Clintons after Carlson accused them of “quid pro quo” for accepting over $100 million from the Russians to the Clinton Foundation. He also argued that President Donald Trump was partially culpable.

“If this is a scandal, then this is a scandal for the Trump administration,” Tafuri said. “‘Cause that means during the Trump administration, this uranium is leaving the country without having proper licenses.”

Carlson agreed, and then reverted back to Clinton’s involvement, and the more than $100 million their foundation accepted.

“How is that not quid pro quo?” Carlson said. He added, “Why is that not an actual scandal, not a nonsense D.C. scandal?”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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