U.K. Journalist, Duped By Phony Twitter Account, Falsely ‘Reports’ Piers Morgan Suspended By CNN

Ah, Twitter. So fast, so fun, so freaking unreliable as a news source sometimes. Just ask Jon Snow, the white-haired and well-seasoned anchor at London’s Channel 4, who seemed to be on the verge of breaking some big news to his 103,000 followers when he tweeted “there’s another hacking bombshell allegedly involving the Mirror breaking any minute.” Within moments, he ramped up the excitement, saying “rumour mill churning gloriously over hacking today,” before dropping a bombshell: former News of the World and Mirror editor–and current CNN host–Piers Morgan had been suspended from his job at the network. Ah, but combine “rumour” and Twitter, and you’re asking for trouble.

As news of Morgan’s “suspension” started picking up re-tweet steam, Morgan fired up the Twitter machine to let the steam out of Snow’s story: “Sorry to disappoint you all, but I’m afraid poor old @jonsnowC4 got duped by a fake Twitter account. I’ve not been suspended by CNN.” The original tweet was deleted by Snow, and followed by a flurry of “it’s not true” tweets, including one from CNN’s PR department, making it clear that Morgan is, in fact, still quite fully on the job. Twitter being Twitter, the story is still rolling around out there, even as Snow makes a full public mea culpa to Piers Morgan:

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