VIDEO: Bystanders Free Man by Pushing Commuter Train off Him

An Australian man got his leg stuck in the gap between the platform and the train in a Perth subway, and normally, this story would end with heavy train delays and a severely injured man. But in a surprising display of camraderie and teamwork, the passengers got off the train and literally pushed the car off the tracks, freeing the man.

The entire operation only took 10 minutes with everyone’s participation, said Nicolas Taylor to Perth Now News, and credited the rescue efforts to Transperth. ““They did a really good job, they took control and handled it well…When I first saw it I thought we’d be there for hours.”

“We hear a lot about poor behaviour on public transport,” a spokesman for Transperth said. “It’s really great when something like this happens and people work together to help a fellow commuter.”

The man himself was uninjured, if a little “sheepish,” and boarded a train later that day.

Watch below via the AP:

[h/t The Blaze]
[Image via screenshot]

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