WATCH: John Oliver Destroys Olympics Opening Ceremony, NBC Coverage

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John Oliver‘s takes on sports have always been among his most memorable. Last night, the comedian sounded off on the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, and what he deemed to be gloomy coverage by NBC.

Oliver had particular fun with the Parade of Nations, in which each country’s delegation marches into Olympic Stadium.

“As always, most countries’ athletes were forced to dress like flight attendants on shitty airlines,” Oliver said.

The comedian went on to mock comments from NBC’s broadcast team during the procession. Matt Lauer, Meredith Viera, and Hoda Kotb spoke in muted tones about the attempted Turkish coup, the France terror attacks, and the Nepal earthquake as those nations marched into the stadium. Oliver took them to task.

Holy shit! It is a good thing the anchors don’t behave like that during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. There goes Shrek, obviously jaundiced and beset by weight problems stemming from chronic diabetes. Here’s Charlie Brown, clearly losing his fight with leukemia. And finally, there is Snoopy, who of course is going to be put down later today.

Watch above, via HBO, for Oliver’s full take on the opening weekend — including his thoughts on Brazil’s “creepy” acting president.

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