Watch: Massive Walmart Black Friday Fight Over Cell Phones On Sale

Welp. It’s that day of the year when people go through hell and high water to get those special single-day deals… turning some stores into a retail version of the TerrorDome.

WorldStarHipHop found some video of one of those particularly insane fights at what looks like two different unidentified Wal-Mart in unidentified towns… but most definitely in America.

Take a look below at what looks like two different awful mosh-pits from Hell that Ian MacKaye would surely condemn (dropping a Minor Threat reference? Why?) all over a display stack of super awesome cell phones available for some super special sale price:

You can audibly here someone scream “Stop! There’s an old woman here!” but it was for naught.

Yikes. The weirdest part about these 100-person pile-ups over a supposedly awesome cell phone deal? These people still have to make their way to the cash register and face one another there again.

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