Watch Mike Pence Swear In Krysten Sinema, the First Out Bisexual Senator in History

Senator Krysten Sinema took her oath of office yesterday as a Democratic Senator from Arizona– and people are taking notice.

As one can see in the video above, Vice President Mike Pence directs Sinema to her position and had her repeat the standard oath of allegiance to the Constitution, then congratulating her.

“Congratulations, Senator. I look forward to working with you. It’s very humbling. More than I could tell you. It really is,” says Pence, repeating in emphasis, “So, congratulations to you. Look forward to working with you.”

Sinema’s swearing-in by Pence was rather unconventional compared to that of her peers. She is the first openly bisexual member of the Senate, the first member of Congress to openly identify as religiously unaffiliated, and she brought a copy of the United States Constitution to hold instead of a Bible.

“Kyrsten always gets sworn in on a Constitution simply because of her love for the Constitution,” her spokesman John LaBombard told Arizona Central, adding that her copy of the Constitution was from the Library of Congress and included texts of both the U.S. and Arizona constitutions.

Sinema is the second openly LGBTQ member of the Senate. The first is Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), a lesbian.

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