WHAT?! Trump Just Stopped a Rally to Interview a Potential Employee On the Spot

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 3.21.13 PMMaybe Donald Trump was annoyed that his address to the press following his secret meeting with top Republicans in Washington was preempted for coverage of President Barack Obama‘s press conference with Raul Castro. No one can be exactly sure, but when CNN finally refocused their coverage on his event, Trump decided to interview a prospective employee on the spot, in front of everyone gathered there.

Watch the video above to see it all go down. When answering a question from the audience that is not distinguishable in the recording, Trump appeared to thank the asker for military service, then asked, “What type of position are you looking for?” before saying, “Come up here. Come here.”

She went up and talked about her design and decoration experience, causing Trump to announce that if they could strike a deal on her salary, she’d probably get a job working on the building.

Interesting, right? It seems that while Breitbart can’t keep their employees (in part thanks to Trump) the mogul can’t get enough employees! For the woman he interviewed, at least, his rally wasn’t just safe, but was majorly beneficial, career-wise. Let’s just hope this wasn’t a hoax.

[image via screengrab]

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