’Who’s My Champion in the Room?’: The View Hosts Shocked at Only Male Pols Making Women’s Healthcare Decisions

Yesterday, a photo showed a whole bunch of male politicians gathered around a table, discussing healthcare. Twitter exploded with reactions since the proposed healthcare bill is one that would “cut breast cancer screening, maternity care, and contraceptive coverage.”

Today, the women of The View took on the topic of the controversial bill, focusing on all of the men making the decisions.

Joy Behar said that she’d tasked the research team on the hit ABC show to find a single picture that showed women making those decisions. She reported none were found.

Paula Faris wondered, “Who’s my champion in the room? If there’s a forum on prostate cancer or prostate heath in general and it’s all women, I think some men are going to be raising their hands and saying, ‘Who’s got my best interests in mind?'”

After pointing out that the proposed healthcare plan wouldn’t include a birth control mandate and then reminding viewers that Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood, Sara Haines said, “I don’t know where women are supposed to go. You’re taking away money from everything about our bodies and our natural function. What are we supposed to do?”

The biggest audience cheers went to Sunny Hostin, who said, “I was reading yesterday that men over 60 are saying that maternity care doesn’t apply to them, but what happens when you are on your third wife like our president, who had a baby in his 60s. Didn’t he need maternity care for Melania [Trump]? Why don’t men think that they need it?”

Watch above to see Jedediah Bila‘s response and more.

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