Fox News Guest Pushes Back on Fox News Host Buying Into Previous Fox News Guest’s Absurd Conspiracy Theory on Election Fraud

One Fox News guest felt compelled to push back against a Fox News anchor credulously buying into a previous Fox News guest’s absurd conspiracy theories about election fraud.

Such a public dressing down would constitute a highly embarrassing moment for any cable news network, but for Fox News, currently in the midst of an open revolt about its news narrative on the 2020 election results, it’s just called Monday.

This latest chapter in the network’s cognitive dissonance over Trump’s loss took place during Fox’s afternoon show, Bill Hemmer Reports, and it centered on one of the campaign’s many absurd attempts to save Trump from being a one-term president.

In particular, this conspiracy theory about a vote-switching scheme by an election software company has been debunked by multiple news sources — as well as by Fox & Friends morning host Steve Doocy — and there is no evidence to back it up. Nonetheless, during a Sunday appearance on Fox News, pro-Trump lawyer and defense counsel for the Michael Flynn case, Sidney Powell, re-upped this fantasy to host Maria Bartiromo without providing a single shred of evidence while layering on another conspiracy that the CIA was complicit in the fraud.

A day later, Hemmer rolled a clip of Powell repeating the phony claim and then gave it a not-so-subtle stamp of authority as he began a discussion of it with lawyer and National Review columnist Andy McCarthy. 

“Sidney Powell, who has been the attorney for the president, claiming they have evidence of voter fraud and she’s tying it to a voting machine company called Dominion. The company denies all fraud accusations. The Trump team has not shared their evidence with Americans. Fox News has not seen any evidence,” Hemmer said, recapping. “Andy, good day to you. I don’t know if we are in a different situation now than we were last Thursday when we talked but I saw the interview with Sidney Powell and Maria on Sunday. She sounded convincing. So what now?”

“Now is evidence,” McCarthy said bluntly. “At a certain point in time, it doesn’t help anymore to say a lot of things are ‘rife with possibility for fraud.’ December 8th is the safe harbor provision in federal law where they have to certify their electoral votes. If you want to block that from happening it’s put up or shut up time.”

“Ok, when does that happen?” Hemmer asked.

“It either happens promptly or it doesn’t happen all,” McCarthy pointed out. “And if it doesn’t happen at all, then Joe Biden will be certified as the next President of the United States.”

Hemmer then wondered if Powell and others are still in the evidence gathering phase, even as they make sweeping claims about widespread fraud: “So are they doing that now and what or when is our obligation to share that with the public?”

“So I think if you want to have credibility, you have to refute that with hard evidence,’ McCarthy said. “They should get their opportunity to do this in court, but normally you don’t get into court with something like this unless you have some solid evidence.”

“All I know is one party that would have direct knowledge is saying it’s not true,” McCarthy noted. “And the other party, which is the president’s — he keeps saying ‘we are gathering evidence’ but not putting anything on the table that refutes what the other side says.”

“In the meantime the clock is ticking and people are wondering what’s next,” Hemmer said vaguely, leaving it to his guest to drive home the looming reality of the Trump campaign’s abject failure to prove any kind of election fraud.

“December 8 is coming fast and furious and even before we get there some of the states begin to certify their results,” McCarthy pointed out. “Once we hit that point, Bill that’s the end of it. So they either have to give courts a reason to say we need to cut off this count and take a harder look at this or it’s time to stop.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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