Mediaite’s Colby Hall Defends CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin on Fox News: Right to Apologize For Clinton Coverage


Mediaite Founding Editor Colby Hall appeared on Fox News’ Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner, Tuesday, to discuss CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin’s regret for making “mistakes” in his coverage of the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

After being asked by Faulkner why Toobin has publicly expressed regret, Hall declared, “I think he’s trying to clear his conscious to some degree. Hindsight is 2020. But you know, I’m of two minds, I think he makes a point that it was sort of overcovered at the time. Did it make a huge difference in her election? Yes. But it wasn’t solely the coverage that was going on. The FBI was looking into it and James Comey.”

“I don’t know if he thinks that he was personally responsible for Hillary’s defeat,” Hall continued. “I think he’s a vocal Trump critic, he’s a very smart legal mind, and I give him some credit… but it would be better if we lived in a world where everyone sort of looked back and said, ‘Well okay we got that wrong,’ and what he said in an interview with Politico was you can report the facts correctly and still make mistakes.”

“I don’t think it’s Hillary that’s necessarily herself laying blame, I think it’s her surrogates and pundits who love to go back, and that’s what surrogates and pundits do,” he expressed. “And you know, if she keeps her name in the news and sells more books, everyone’s a winner.”

In response to Faulkner asking whether Toobin or anyone else who made mistakes in their reporting on the Muller Report “owe someone an apology,” Hall replied, “Well, it is a slippery slope. If you’re gonna go back and look back at all the sort of things that you say you got wrong, then you’re kind of setting a precedent that you should do that for everything.”

“That said, you know, you can look back and say that comparing the coverage of Hillary’s e-mails… no one said it was a good idea that she had this private server, but Trump Administration State Department basically said that there was no willful violation. So we can look back and say that wasn’t as big a story,” he explained. “Again, does it change anything? No. Do Hillary’s surrogates feel that they were hard done? Maybe.”

Faulkner then proclaimed, “One of the things I like that media outlets do, who look at how we do TV, like Mediaite, is you take a peek back and say, well, what things really mattered? Like outside of the dozens of things that Hillary Clinton lists, how did that fit in with her loss in 2016, to say she didn’t go to the Rust Belt, she didn’t go to Wisconsin?”

“Yeah, it’s the ultimate nature versus nurture, or nature times nurture,” Hall noted. “Like there is the candidate and then there’s the reporting and it’s impossible… Again you can go back and prescribe like, this is where it went wrong. There’s a holistic approach, and Hillary’s campaigning and her history as a long-time beltway insider weren’t helpful either.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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