John Kasich Stays True To His Vow, Writes In John McCain Over Trump On Ballot

john-kasich-cbseditedThroughout this campaign, Ohio Governor John Kasich has stated that he does not intend to vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. On Monday, he proved his word is his bond.

The one-time GOP presidential candidate, who carried his home state in the primary, stated that he wrote in the name of John McCain on his ballot. McCain was the 2008 Republican nominee.

As reported by, Kasich’s vote will essentially not count since McCain is not on a list of approved write-in candidates.

Chris Schrimpf, the governor’s political spokesman, confirmed the write-in vote to and said Kasich voted straight-ticket Republican on the rest of his ballot. Schrimpf added that Kasich was comfortable picking McCain, the 2008 GOP nominee for president, over Trump, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Libertarian Gary Johnson, a former Republican on the ballot as a nonpartisan candidate.

The vote essentially is a symbolic gesture. Because McCain is not among the 18 certified write-in candidates in Ohio, Kasich’s vote for president will not count.

As other GOP presidential candidates have eventually relented and offered their support to Trump, such as former critics Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, Kasich has held firm. During the Republican National Convention, Kasich stayed far away, despite it being held in Cleveland.

Kasich doubled down on his non-support of Trump after the infamous Access Hollywood tape went public, stating that the GOP nominee’s actions were “disgusting.”

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