Campaign Finance

Don Lemon Plays 1999 CNN Video of Trump Bragging ‘Nobody’ Knows More About Campaign Finance Than Him

Kid Rock, in Response to Complaint He’s in Violation of Campaign Finance Law: ‘Go F*ck Yourselves’

Justice Department Investigating GOP Congressman for Campaign Finance Violations

FEC Finds Errors Regarding $1.3M in Donations to Trump Campaign

Bernie Sanders Wonders ‘Are the CEOs of Large Corporations Actually Human Beings?’

Undercovered: Scam PACs That Part Credulous Partisans From Their Cash

The #DemocracySpring Protests Might Actually Lead to Hearings By Lawmakers

WashPo Tries to Throw Water on Bernie’s ‘$27 Average Donation’ Rallying Call

NYT: Bush May Be Breaking Law by Not Declaring Candidacy While Fundraising Like One

GOP Rep. Walter Jones: That Gyrocopter Pilot Does Have a Point

Did Cruz Use Taxpayer Dollars to Pay for Fundraising Trips?

Campaign Finance Expert: Nearly All 2016 Presidential Candidates Are Breaking the Law

Hillary Clinton Spent a Crapload on Private Plane Fare for 2008 Campaign

NRCC Denies Sharing Campaign Info with PACs on Twitter

Super PAC to End All Super PACs Loses Most of Their Races

Gubenatorial Candidate Spends $35 on Campaign, Gets 22% of Vote

Dinesh D’Souza Sentenced to Eight Months in ‘Community Confinement Center’

Scott Walker Fires Back: ‘The Media Is a Willing Accomplice of the Left’

Obama Megadonor Indicted for Fraud, Manslaughter

Feds: We Definitely Didn’t Target Dinesh D’Souza for Obama Criticism

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