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McMaster: ‘President’s Been Very Clear’ About Condemning Bigotry and Hatred

O’Reilly Demands to Know Why Trump Didn’t Go After Clinton About Charlotte Protests

Charlotte Demonstrators Have List of Demands They Want Met Before Ending Protests

BREAKING: Charlotte Police Release Video of Keith Lamont Scott Shooting

Bill Maher: Cops in Recent Shootings Are Victims of ‘Bad Police Training’

O’Reilly: Riots in Charlotte Will Help Trump Win North Carolina

WATCH LIVE: Day 4 of Protests in Charlotte After Keith Scott Shooting

Charlotte Mayor Asks Clinton and Trump to Delay Their Visits

Hillary Clinton Will Visit Charlotte This Sunday (UPDATE)

Police Arrest Suspect in Shooting Death of Charlotte Protester Justin Carr

Man Wearing ‘Free Hugs’ Shirt Gets Yelled At After Hugging Officers in Charlotte

Charlotte Inmates Flicker Lights as Protesters Outside Jail Chant ‘We See You! We Love You!’

Charlotte Protester Shouts to Fox ‘Give Bill O’Reilly a Message for Me’

Keith Scott’s Family After Watching Police Video: Raises ‘More Questions Than Answers’

NC Rep. Apologizes for Saying Charlotte Protesters ‘Hate White People’

WATCH LIVE: Day 3 of Protests in Charlotte After Keith Scott Shooting

Man Shot in Charlotte Last Night Has Died

Attorneys for Keith Scott’s Family Speak: ‘This Family Does Not Agree With Rioting’

CNN’s Burnett Shares That Most Arrested NC Protesters Were From Out of State

GOP Rep. Finds Obama’s Morgan Freeman Joke ‘Outrageous’ After Charlotte

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