David Brock

The World Doesn’t Need a ‘Breitbart of the Left’

Media Matters for America Founder David Brock Has Suffered a Heart Attack

Media Matters Claims They’re Working With Facebook ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ to Fight Fake News

‘No Kidding’: Twitter Gets Snarky After Liberal Site Just Now Realizes Media Matters Is Pro-Clinton

‘The Press Are Animals’: David Brock Says Dems Need to Be Tougher With the Media

Media Matters Founder David Brock Vows to Create a ‘Breitbart of the Left’

Media Matters, MSNBC Have No Idea What ‘Fake News’ Is

Clinton Confidante Wonders If David Brock ‘Actually Is a Republican Plant’ in Leaked Podesta Email

’Nonsense!’: Megyn Kelly Blows Up at Media Matters Head for Going After Fox, Wallace

Media Matters Founder Calls For Debate Commission to Remove Chris Wallace as Moderator

Clinton Claims Sanders Has Never Faced Negative Ad (Despite Making One Herself)

Former MSNBC Host Ed Schultz Blows Up at David Brock on CNN

TIME Magazine Now Falsely Claiming Bernie Sanders Himself Yelled ‘English Only’

David Brock Writes Open Letter to Sanders: ‘Halt All Negative Campaigning’ Against Hillary

‘No One Can Hear You’ — CNN Host Pulls Plug on Bickering Clinton/Sanders Supporters

Hillary Clinton’s Iowa Closing Argument Ad Is Also Mighty White

Clinton Surrogate on New Sanders Ad: Seems Like ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter’ to Him

Hillary Campaign Manager Tweets ‘Chill Out’ to David Brock Over Report on Sanders Attack

‘He’s Put Our Country in Danger!’: Hillary Surrogate, Trump Spox Duke it Out on CNN

David Brock Admits Hillary Will Likely Flip-Flop Some More

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