Jason Mattera

Conservative Journo Responds to Bob Beckel’s Physical Fight Threat

Fox’s The Five Piles on ‘Punk’ Conservative Activist for Harassing Lois Lerner

Lois Lerner Seeks Refuge in Neighbor’s Home to Avoid Conservative Activist’s Questions

O’Reilly Lambastes Conservative Activist for Harassing Clinton over Benghazi

‘What Difference Does It Make?’ Activist Ambushes Hillary, Asks Her to Sign Book to ‘Chris Stevens’

Conservative Writer Confronts Sharpton over Past Offensive Remarks

Fox Guest: ‘Obama Has Turned the White House into a Party House’

Fox Guests Blow Up Over Whether Obama Has ‘Bent Over Too Much’ For the GOP

Whoops!: Ambush Reporter Jason Mattera Accidentally Ambushed A Bono Impersonator

Jason Mattera Describes Chris Rock Kerfuffle: He Went ‘Berserk!’, Attacked Camerawoman

Chris Rock Attacks Camera When Questioned About His Tea Party Comments

Senate Press Gallery Says Vice President Biden’s Office Did Not File Complaint Against Jason Mattera

John King Calls Out Jason Mattera For Misrepresenting Himself At Joe Biden Event

CNN’s Candy Crowley Presses Joe Biden On His Controversial Rape Comments

Ambush Interviewer Jason Mattera Goes On Fox News To Complain About Joe Biden’s ‘Press Chick’

Joe Biden Schools Right Wing Ambush Journo On Rape Comments: ‘Don’t Screw Around With Me’

Abbie Boudreau Responds to James O’Keefe’s ‘CNN Caper’ Statement

More Details Emerge In James O’Keefe’s ‘CNN Caper’ As ‘Right on the Edge’ Documentary Airs

Elena Kagan Can Turn Softball-gate Into Home Run

Elena Kagan and Ann Coulter Attacked For Physical Appearance

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