Jeremiah Wright

Trump and Obama Both Understand Political Importance of White Resentment

Gingrich on Steve Scalise: Obama Got a Pass on Reverend Wright

Krauthammer: Obama’s Rev. Wright Far Worse Than Scalise’s KKK Meeting

Reverend Jeremiah Wright: Dr. King Had a ‘Dream,’ Obama Has a ‘Drone’

President Obama Ignores Aggrieved White People In Remarkable Trayvon Martin Speech

The Wright Stuff: Sen. John McCain Channels Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Fox Anchor And Lanny Davis In Yelling Match Over Equivalencies Between ‘Cancer Ad’ And Romney’s PAC Ads

Mitt Romney’s Solution To Gun Violence: ‘Changing The Heart Of The American People’

Video: When Scary Blackity-Black Preacher Jeremiah Wright ‘Snaps!’

Brad Pitt’s Mom Writes Letter Slamming ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ Who ‘Sat In Jeremiah Wright’s Church’

Donald Trump Tells Piers Morgan: ‘I See Nothing Wrong With Using’ Rev. Wright In Campaigning

Heated Ed Schultz Panel Explores Political Parallels Between Jeremiah Wright And Mormonism

Chris Wallace: ‘McCain Was Crazy’ For Not Attacking Obama On Rev. Wright In 2008

Romney On Past Remarks Invoking Rev. Wright: Not Sure What I Said ‘But I Stand By’ It, ‘Whatever It Was’

Glenn Beck Offers $150k To Rev. Jeremiah Wright For Obama Dirt

Roland Martin: Bringing Back Rev. Jeremiah Wright Puts ‘Mormonism On The Table’

NYT Digs Up Super PAC Proposal Calling Obama A ‘Metrosexual Black Abe Lincoln’

New Book: Rev. Wright Claims Obama Tried To Pay Him To Keep Silent In 2008

Limbaugh Revels In Dog-Gate By Doing A ‘Pretty Good’ Jeremiah Wright Impression

Sean Hannity Resurrects Lie That Barack Obama ‘Spoke With’ New Black Panthers

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