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Kim Davis

New Book From County Clerk Kim Davis Details Encounters With ‘Furious, Fist-Pounding Homosexual Men’

Ky. Attorney General: Kim Davis Violated State’s Open Records Act

Huckabee Forced to Pay $25,000 for Using ‘Eye of the Tiger’ at Kim Davis Rally

Federal Judge Grants Kim Davis Approval to Issue Marriage Licenses Without Her Name

GOP Rep. Whose SOTU Invite Went to Kim Davis Had No Idea Until Today

Kim Davis Is Going to the State of the Union

Kim Davis Admits She ‘Failed So Miserably at Marriage’

Survivor Files Suit Against Huckabee for Using ‘Eye of the Tiger’ at Kim Davis Rally

KY Gov-Elect Addresses Kim Davis Issue, Will Remove Clerk Names from Marriage Licenses

Porn Company Offers Kim Davis $500k To Do Interracial Lesbian Porn Scene

Kim Davis’ Lawyers Defend Meeting with Pope: We Never Said It Was Endorsement

Before Kim Davis, Pope Francis Met with Gay Couple in D.C.

Vatican: Meeting with Kim Davis Not Out of Support

Kentucky Governor Fires Back Against Kim Davis’ ‘Absurdity’

Huckabee: Pope’s Meeting With Kim Davis is Turning Point in Fight Against Judicial Tyranny

Kim Davis’ Attorneys Claim She Met with Pope Francis in D.C.

This Kim Davis Game Lets You Throw Marriage Applications At Her

Kim Davis Is Now Officially a Republican

Kim Davis Goes After KY Governor: ‘Usurped Control’ of Marriage Law

KY Gay Man: I Used to Be Friends with Kim Davis; Don’t Recognize Her Now

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