Trump at Utah Rally: ‘Are We Sure’ Romney’s a Mormon?

Andrew Sullivan And S.E. Cupp Clash Over Gay Marriage, Mormonism On Real Time

Prominent Baptist Pastor: Vote For ‘Cult’ Mormon Romney Because Obama ‘Shakes Fist At God’

Conservative Mormons Will Hold Day Of Fasting And Prayer In Preparation For Obama-Romney Debate

New Poll Shows Conservative Republicans Increasingly Believe Obama Is Muslim

Does Controversial Bloomberg/BusinessWeek Cover Show Media Is Making Romney The ‘Other?’

S.E. Cupp To Matthews Panel: Pop Culture Visibility Has Helped Make Mormonism Mainstream

Meet Mia Love, The Mormon Mayor Who May Become The First Black Republican Woman In Congress

Rupert Murdoch Singlehandedly Launches A Twitter War Against Scientology

Mitt Romney Is A Mormon, Get Over It

Melissa Harris-Perry Explores Misconceptions About Mormon Religion With Mormon Panelists

Bill Maher: We Need To ‘Get Over’ The Idea Of American Exceptionalism

Bill Maher Counters Birthers By Creating Mitt Romney ‘Wifer’ Controversy

David Axelrod: Romney ‘Tepid’ In Condemning Rev. Wright Attacks, Should ‘Refute’ Super PAC

One In Six American Voters Still Think Barack Obama Is Muslim

Bill Maher Tears Into Romney For Giving Money To Mormon Church Instead Of Directly To Charity

Jon Stewart Blasts Critics For Going After Mitt Romney’s Mormonism

Class Warfare: S.E. Cupp Battles Bill Maher And Panel Over ‘Demonizing Prosperity’

CNN’s Jack Cafferty Advises Romney To Explain Mormonism To Nation, Advised Precise Opposite Last Year

GOP Rep Raul Labrador Calls Out Lawrence O’Donnell’s Mormon Bashing On Meet the Press

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