Trump ‘Buffoon-Like, Has ADD or Something’: Mika Brezezinski Tells Us How She Really Feels

Female CEO Says Women Shouldn’t Be President; Cites Bible and ‘Hormones’

Sterling’s Girlfriend: ‘One Day I Will Become President’

Maher: Candidates Should Be a ‘Mystery,’ Not ‘300 Pounds of Toast’ Like Christie

Schwarzenegger Reportedly Planning Presidential Run, Ready to Challenge Citizenship Rule

Bernie Goldberg Says Limbaugh is Far Too Conservative to Win Presidency, Limbaugh Fires Back

Christie Don’t Need No GOP: NJ Gov Can Win In 2016 As Independent

Obama Mocks Donald Trump to Jay Leno And Condemns Mourdock’s Rape Comment

Jay Carney On Romney Video: When You’re The President You Represent Everyone

Roseanne Barr Gets Presidential Nomination Of The Peace And Freedom Party

Gallup Poll: Most Americans Would Vote For An Atheist Presidential Candidate

Young Man At Town Hall Meeting Asks Chris Christie To Be His Presidential Running Mate

Muslim Brotherhood-Backed Candidate Wins Egyptian Presidential Election

Bill O’Reilly Scolds Daily Caller Heckler: ‘You Must Respect The Office Of The Presidency’

Paul Krugman Responds To Estonian President (Sort Of) With An FDR Economy Graph

Bill Maher: If First Black President Only Has One Term, People Would See It As A ‘Failure’

‘Dogs Against Obama’ Interest Group Debuts Attack Ad Slamming President For Dog Diet

Roseanne Barr Seeks Green Party Nomination For President

Gingrich Doubles Down On Ignoring Judicial Decisions: ‘Are Judges Above The Rest Of The Constitution?’

Jesse Ventura Loses TSA Lawsuit, Threatens To Run For President And/Or Flee To Mexico

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