Rand Paul

A Year Ago, Rand Paul’s Account Tweeted That 2nd Amendment Exists ‘To Shoot at the Government’ (UPDATE)

Senator Rand Paul Suggests Shooter Was ‘Politically Motivated’ in Call to CNN

Rand Paul: Capitol Police Prevented a ‘Massacre’

‘Mass Extinction? Really?’ Rand Paul Slams ‘Alarmist’ Critics of Paris Accord Withdrawal

Here’s the Fundamental Flaw in President Trump’s Justification for the Comey Firing

McCain: Rand Paul ‘Doesn’t Have Any Real Influence’ in the Senate

Rand Paul: It is ‘Very Important’ That Whoever Released Flynn/Russia Call Transcripts ‘Go to Jail’

Rand Paul Responds to McCain’s Diss By Suggesting He’s Proof We Need Term Limits

Fireworks: McCain Rips Rand Paul as ‘Working For Vladimir Putin’

Rand Paul: Trump Sounds ‘Much More Open to Negotiation’ on Health Care Than Paul Ryan

Fox’s Ed Henry to Rand Paul: Will You ‘Imperil the Trump Presidency’ With Health Care Stance?

Rand Paul Responds to Trump Singling Him Out on Health Care: ‘I Feel Emboldened’

After Rand Paul’s ‘Obamacare Lite’ Criticisms, Trump Tweets ‘I Feel Sure’ He’ll Change His Mind

Paul Ryan Fires Back at Rand Paul: ‘Obamacare Lite’ Complaints Just a ‘Publicity Stunt’

Rand Paul: A Lot of Russia Outcry Feels Like Witch Hunt by People ‘Unhappy with the Election’

‘We Are Continuing Our Search’: Rand Paul Keeps Trolling House GOP Over ‘Obamacare Lite’

Rand Paul Blasts House GOP for Keeping Obamacare Bill ‘Under Lock and Key’

Rand Paul: Trump’s Just ‘Expressing His Opinion,’ I’m Not Seeing Any Efforts to ‘Limit the Press’

‘It Makes No Sense’: Rand Paul Says It ‘Might be Excessive’ for Republicans to Investigate Flynn

Rand Paul Slams Trump’s Torture Talks: It’s ‘Against the Law and I Hope It Will Remain Against the Law’

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